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HHS 375 Items

View items related to HHS Celebration of Hampton's 375th Anniversary, including the Hampton Academy Class of 1938 Yearbook; the Hampton Union's Weekend Gala insert; and a video from 1938 (Tercentenary)

Hampton Celebrates 100 years of Hampton Beach History in Pictures and Memoirs!

Click here for more information

1938 Pageant Identification Project


HHS is trying to identify all the people in a panoramic picture of the cast of the Pageant of 1938. Click the image above for more info about how you can help us in this project.

The Tuck Museum is closed on Friday, Sept. 4,
to get ready for the Pig Roast on Saturday


14th Annual Pig Roast!

The annual Pig Roast takes place Saturday, September 5, from noon to 2:30 p.m., on the grounds of the Tuck Museum. Click here for more info.

Read more about this year's Silent Auction at the Pig Roast here.


90th_partyA 90th Anniversary is a time to celebrate, and that's what volunteers at the Hampton Historical Society and Tuck Museum invite you to do - join them at special events and exhibits throughout the year to commemorate their 90th Anniversary. Click here for more info.

HHS Casino Fundraisers

gambling HHS is sponsoring charitable gaming at the Ocean Gaming Casino at Hampton Beach. The first date of the year is July 17, 2015. Click here for more info and dates.