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The Tuck Museum has a collection of original Beachcomber newspapers (in bound volumes) for many of the years from 1936 thru 1965. We have photographed all the pages and think that people will find them interesting to browse through.

Each year usually consists of 10 or 11 issues, with about 12 pages per issue. We hope to eventually have an index for each issue, showing what articles appear, and perhaps a list of interesting ads (for example, what movies were current). This is an ongoing process.

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1965 1964 1963 1962 1961 Newspapers for all years are now searchable PDFs. Read more about it here.

What this means is that you can search for text (and select text) within the newspapers, even though the newspapers appear as images (i.e. they are not just text transcripts). This is made possible via a remarkable PDF facility of containing a text-equivalent version of the page in an unseen layer beneath the image of the page.

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