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This page contains a collection of exhibits that used to be on display at the Tuck Museum but are no longer shown. It also contains web pages that are no longer "current," but that might be of interest to people. In most cases, the most recent items are on top, pushing earlier items down over time.

Click the image on the right to view the archive item.

china Souvenir China Exhibit - 2019
The Souvenir China Exhibit was on display in the "60's Wing" of the museum starting in May, 2018. It occupied 4 of our main display cases, and culminated with Betty Moore's presentation in November, 2018, describing the various china pieces in the exhibit and their history.

This archive view of the exhibit includes close-up individual images of every piece in the exhibit, so it is a good chance for even people who saw the exhibit to get an even closer view of the pretty items that were on display.



town-clock-finished_vsm.jpg The Town Clock Restoration Project - 2014
Read about the work the residents of Hampton did to restore this famous clock. It is now installed in front of the Centre School.



stimson The Life of Ruth Stimson - 2016
HHS participated in Women's History Month (March 2016) by highlighting the life of Ruth Stimson, a long-time Hampton resident.



90th_party HHS 90th Anniversary - 2015
View items related to the HHS 90th Anniversary in 2015, including the Gathering on the Green exhibit, and the History Bits placed throughout the town.



marelli Marelli's Market Exhibit - 2014
Celebrating Marelli's Market's 100 anniversary. Celestina’s wedding day dress, plus pictures of the family and store throughout the years were displayed.