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Paintings by Charles Henry Turner
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turner photo Hampton's most noteworthy painter was Charles Henry Turner (1848 - 1908). Born in Newburyport in 1848, Turner grew up in Hampton, raised by his grandparents William and Theodate Goss at their home at the intersection of Lafayette Road and Watson's Lane.

wife Turner studied under Otto Grundmann at the Boston Museum School, starting in 1877. By 1881, Turner had become a painter by occupation. He studied in Europe in the 1880s, and later became a student of the White Mountain school of painting.

All paintings are located in the Turner Room of the Tuck Museum building.



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Prints of the first 6 images below are contained in the booklet Paintings by Charles Henry Turner in the Tuck Museum, also available in the Museum Store

gundalow thumb   "Gundalow Near Hampton Landing"
turnhayt.jpg 4.1K   "Stacking Hay on the Salt Marsh"
turnfht.jpg 4.8K   "Eldridge-Moulton House at North Beach"
turnpcvt.jpg 4.4K   "Fish Houses at North Beach"
  "Hampton Mill"
turnbrdt2.jpg 3.8K   "Moulton House"
turnslft.jpg 3.9K   "Charles Henry Turner and Wife Elise"
turnpart.jpg 5.1K   "William D. Goss and wife Theodate H. Goss"
turnscht.jpg 5.8K   "One Room Schoolhouse"