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Tide Mills

Tide Mills

If you missed this event, we have a recording of it, viewable here:

Here is a description:
Have you ever wondered where Tide Mill Road got its name? Well, if you did or if you’d just like more information on tide mills, please join the Hampton Historical Society in welcoming the Tide Mill Institute on May 17th at 6:30 p.m. for a presentation about tide mills. The mission of the Tide Mill Institute is to advance the appreciation of tide mill technology, encourage research into the history and location of tide mill sites, serve as a repository for tide mill data, and promote the appropriate re-use of old tide-mill sites and the development of the use of tides as an energy source.

This talk will include an overview of tide mills in general, some specifics about Hampton’s own Brown’s Mill, from which Tide Mill Road got its name, and the future of tide mills.