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4 monuments are present on the edge of Meeting House Green. Click an image below to jump to more info about a particular monument, or just scroll down.
Rev. I. Jones
2 plaques
"Goody" Cole
"Thorvald's" Rock

Rev. Ira S. Jones Memorial

The Rev. Ira S. Jones (1836-1927), in his 91st year, conceived and effected the Meeting House Green Memorial Park (Founders Park) and the Tuck Museum.
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Plaques - First Meeting House; First Hampton Academy

The 2 plaques on this monument mark the site of the first Meeting House (1638) and the first Hampton Academy (1810).
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Eunice "Goody" Cole Monument

This is a stone monument to Eunice "Goody" Cole, the witch of Hampton. Convicted of witchcraft in 1656; restored to citizenship in 1938. The plaque in front of the monument was added as part of the Hampton 375th celebration in 2013. For more information about her, see the Exhibits page about her.

"Thorvald's" Rock

This large boulder has been moved from its original site at the foot of Boar's Head near Thorvald Avenue. According to local tradition, the rock with its scratches marked the grave of Thorvald Ericsson, a Norse explorer known to have died in the New World about 1000 years ago. The scratched lines were believed to be a runic epitaph. Although the idea of a Norse exploration of the Hamptons area is appealing, scholars now place the burial site of Thorvald in eastern Canada. The presence of such a large boulder in an otherwise sandy area was bound to cause speculation about its origins, and the Thorvald legend has appealed to residents and visitors alike for a hundred years.

For more info on Thorvald's Rock, see an excellent discussion at the Hurstwic website

Also the Lane Library has information and additional links.

The left image shows the rock in its current state, inside its protective barrier (to discourage souvenier chippers). The image on the right shows the rock in its unprotected state. The scratched lines can be seen in the upper right.

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