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Hamptons Union, Christmas, 1909
The Hamptons Union newspaper (that's not a typo - the paper was called "Hamptons Union") published a "Souvenir Edition" for Christmas, 1909. For Christmas, 2020, we are sharing this interesting edition with everyone (no, 2020 is not the anniversary of it, but we figure we all need a pick-me-up in 2020; ya think?!?). We are also including pages from the regular newspaper around that time.

The PDFs below are a digitization of the old newspapers, created by photographing the newspapers with a digital camera (the pages are too large to scan). Newsprint being newsprint, the quality is not great, especially the photographs contained in the newspapers, but we still think it is of interest. It is remarkable that they had a full-color drawing on the cover of a newspaper in 1909. We did not know that such technology existed that long ago. There are higher-resolution versions of that cover below.

You can search the PDFs for text, made possible via Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on the digital images of the pages. This might be especially useful for the regular pages, which contain a lot more text. You can also drag over the text with a mouse to select the text and copy and paste it. Click a cover below to view the PDF

Souvenir Pages
Regular Pages


High Resolution Cover

Below are links to high resolution images of the Souvenir cover, suitable for printing. When the image appears on your screen, download the image using your browser. Use the Back button to return here.

Click here to view a smoothed version of the cover, with no newsprint "dots" that typically make a newspaper image.

Click here to view an unchanged version of the cover, with the newsprint "dots" that typically make a newspaper image.